‘Why run a B & B, it sounds like hard work?’

  • Posted On: 24 May 2017
‘Why run a B & B, it sounds like hard work?’

The plan to run a small, but luxury B and B came about around five years ago. Oddly enough it kind of coincided with the time when my children were busy leaving home and flying the coop. Perhaps subconsciously I felt the need to fill my nest again, this time with complete strangers. I also felt that if I was good at being a host, my visitors would want to keep returning and then they would not be strangers anymore. Ever the optimist!

I have worked closely with people of all ages during my life in many different settings and I want to continue doing so, but this time from home. People say I am a good home maker and that I am sociable and welcoming, Oh! And a good cook, so I thought running a B and B would tick quite a few of my ‘like to do’ boxes.

My husband Johnny is all in favour as he is working full-time and is out all day! He says ‘Happy wife, happy life!’. He is very good at mending and fixing so will make sure everything runs smoothly. He also enjoys meeting people.

As luck would have it, we moved to this area and loved it so much that we settled down here. We like the outdoors and Richmond has everything (as far as we are concerned) hiking, cycling, motorbiking, a stunning river and a real Norman castle. It isn’t even that far from the sea, about one hour from Saltburn-on-Sea by car. We love the hospitable people and were very lucky to find this house. It used to be a B and B and has an ideal lay out. We furnished the rooms using top quality beds and furnishings, gave them all names that we relate to Yorkshire – Moors, Dales and Coast. Now here we are ready to go.

We are looking forward to having people in our home and giving them a comfortable night with a delicious breakfast to set them on their way in the morning.

Whatever brings you to this special part of Yorkshire, we look forward to meeting you and helping you to have a great experience, so that you will want to keep coming back.

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